Grow your expertise and problem-solving potential with Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a highly disciplined process that focuses on developing and delivering near-perfect products and services consistently.

It is also a management approach to the use of statistical tools and project work to achieve breakthrough profitability and quantum gains in quality. Our program is completed in phases. The first phase is the “Knowledge” Phase, starting with a four-day immersion, followed by 12 weeks of classroom instruction and project application time. During the Knowledge Phase, students learn the basic terminology, principles, and methodology of Six Sigma. We also include courses, as mentioned previously, in strategic foresight so our participants not only think critically but also strategically. This phase is led by a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and lasts approximately 12 weeks. As the student progresses in knowledge mastery, the student will be working on his or her Six Sigma project. The Six Sigma project is a requirement for certification. Its purpose is to allow the student to apply the knowledge in a real-world scenario to improve an actual organizational issue, lead a team by teaching and guiding a team through root-cause applications as well as process-flow design, and finally, demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the material covered in the classroom.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize/understand how Six sigma is tied to organizational goals

  • Understand Lean principles and their relevance to the organization

  • Apply process management for projects

  • Understand and apply project management basics

  • Understand and apply management and planning tools

  • Analyze business results for projects

  • Understand Team dynamics and evaluate performance

  • Analyze process performance and documentation

  • Understand and apply probability and statistics methods

  • Apply, analyze, evaluate, and create methods for collecting and summarizing data