“Projects are one of the principal means by which we change our world. Whether the goal is to split the atom, tunnel under the English Channel, introduce Windows 10, or plan the 2018 Winter Olympic Games [...], the means through which to achieve these challenges remain the same: project management.” ~Pinto (2020), Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage (p. 25)

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Course Objectives

  • Understand and explain the project lifecycle, its • stages, and the activities that typically occur at each stage of the project

  • Understand and apply project management basics

  • Understand team dynamics and evaluate • performance

  • Apply a systems-thinking perspective to planning • and managing performance

  • Explain criteria for a useful project selection, • screening, and future success

  • Recognize how leadership traits, roles, and team • behaviors play in project success

  • Understand the importance of scope management, • control systems, budget, risk and quality management in project success

  • Recognize the variety of constraints that can affect a project, making schedule and planning difficult

  • Know the characteristics of effective project teams and why teams fail or succeed

  • Understand the nature of change and conflict and evaluate response methods